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2oz (56 g)


Our Fleur De Sel culinary salts are hand harvested on the pristine beaches of Bali by a collective of salt farmers. The seawater is filtered through the beach sand then solar evaporated to form a very delicate special salt. Fleur De Sel means "flower of salt" which is named from the flower-like patterns of the small crystals. The delicate crystals form a floating crust in the evaporation ponds that is gently harvested with special wooden rakes. It can only be harvested under specific natural conditions with steady winds and humidity factors. This special salt is often referred to as the caviar of sea salts due to the rarity and special conditions required to make this salt. 


The grains are ultra-fine in texture and ultra-small in size. Due to the higher moisture content and early harvesting, this salt has an extraordinarily salty taste compared to most other salts. This salt is best suited for finishing dishes due to the delicate nature of the crystals. Excellent for salads, pasta, eggs, avocado toast, desserts and popcorn.