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2oz (56 g)


Our Garlic Infused culinary salts are hand harvested on the pristine beaches of Bali by a collective of salt farmers. The seawater is filtered through the beach sand then solar evaporated to form a fine grain. Then the salt is infused with chopped and roasted Organic Garlic from local farmers near the beach regions of Bali. The salt and garlic mix is further evaporated/dried to complete the infusion; small pieces of roasted garlic are left in the final product to add texture, color and rich flavor. 


This salt has a variety of uses and has a rich, sweet and complex flavor due to the roasted garlic. Grains are fine in texture and small in size, it can be used for marinating/seasoning or finishing dishes. This salt works great as an all purpose seasoning and can also add some depth of flavor to any dish. Particularly well suited for eggs, avocado toast, popcorn, meats & vegetables.