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Our Love Mist is a thoughtful fusion of Rose Absolute and Organic Lemon Essential Oil. Rose Absolute is a middle note with a very strong aroma, it has a very complex and sweet floral scent. Lemon is a top note with a strong aroma, it has a strong bright lemony scent.
Intentions For This Product

Infuse Love into your space + field. Unconditional Love is the greatest energy. Remember that an open, loving and understanding heart will help all heal.

Mist to expand, brighten, lift limitations and clear your energetic field.

Mist and affirm "I choose to embrace love and understanding"

Essential Oil Information

-Rose Absolute Oil-

For thousands of years, Roses have had an unparalleled association with love, beauty, indulgence, celebration, and spiritual worship. The privileged status of Roses in society has given rise to its well-deserved moniker as the "Queen of Flowers". The origin of the Rosa damascena remains somewhat of a mystery; some historians believe it lies in Damascus, Syria's capital and the oldest city is known as the "Pearl of the East". Others, however, believe its botanical roots lie in historic Persia (now Iran). In the 1600s, a merchant from Turkey is thought to have brought the wide-scale cultivation of Rosa damascena to Bulgaria.

Up until the First World War, Bulgaria held an undisputed position as the most reputed and prolific producer of Rose Oil. Today, the region has been named as the "Rose Valley". It is believed that the highly complex, layered aroma and quality of Bulgaria's Rose Absolute can be attributed to the unique soil and near-perfect climatic conditions of the country.

Aromatic Notes: The composition of Rose Absolute is intricate and complex, a feature that is also reflected in its aroma. A middle note with a very strong aroma, it has a very complex and sweet floral scent.

Essential Oil Effects: helps relieve depressive thoughts, aphrodisiac, soothing, and stress reducing. Contributes to restful sleep.

Topically, it has anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-aging, toning, firming, skin rejuvenating, moisturizing, detoxifying, and scar reduction properties.

-Lemon Essential Oil-

Christopher Columbus took lemon seeds with him as he set sail on his second expedition to discover the New World in 1493, now known as Haiti & Dominican Republic. From there, the lemon quickly spread to other nearby islands of the area then known as West Indies.

Franciscan missionaries introduced the fruit to California in the late 18th century. California is now probably the largest producer of lemon essential oil in the world.

Aromatic Notes: a top note with a strong aroma, it has a strong bright lemony scent.

Essential Oil Effects : clears the mind, refreshing, uplifting, sharpens focus. Helps dispel negative emotions

Crystal Information

Our Love Mist is is paired with microcrystals of Carnelian and Emerald. Each stone carries a different energy, some have historical symbolism, energetic intentions and are thought to carry certain effects. We clear and amplify set intentions on all stones for the highest good.


Promotes cleansing, health, and vitality. It also stimulates love, passion and the pursuit of new things.

The Sumerian culture often receives credit as the first peoples to use Carnelian around 4,500 BC.

Around the same time, Egyptians fashioned the stone into talismans and amulets for protection. Egyptians considered the Orange Carnelian to be blessed with feminine energy and it was a stone of fertility linked to the power of the goddess Isis. They also called it the "sunset stone" as they believed it captured and reflected the sun.


Stimulates heart connection, enhances natural gifts and abilities. Deep wisdom from your highest self and higher loving frequencies. A stone of truth, love and hope.

The first known emerald mines
were in Egypt, dating from at least 330 BC. Cleopatra was known to have a passion for emerald and used it in her royal adornments. The Egyptians used emeralds both in jewelry
and in their elaborate burials, often burying emerald stones with their rulers as symbols of protection.

The Incas used emeralds in their
jewelry and religious ceremonies for 500 years. In their culture the emerald symbolized the tears of the moon goddess.