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Our Boost Capsules are a great way to get a precise dose in a convenient form. We fused the benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil with Organic Frankincense Essential Oil to help  boost immune function, cellular health, mood regulation and overall well-being. Our Boost Capsules include two forms of Organic Frankincense (Serrata and Carterii). Each offers a variance of terpene content and therapeutic benefits; when combined they offer synergized benefits. Frankincense has been used for a variety of therapeutic applications for thousands of years.


Each capsule contains:

50mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil +
Organic Frankincense Essential Oil

Suggested Use
1-2 Capsules daily, or as needed. 
Store in a cool dry place, Refrigeration preferred.
Made In The USA, THC Free, Non-Psychoactive, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free 
Intentions For This Product

Ingest With Intention

We believe there is an extra special connection between nature and our bodies when Cannabis is ingested as it offers the ability for the active compounds to work across the entire body on a cellular level.

All aspects of the Cannabis plant have been used for thousands of years and in many cultures it is considered a sacred medicinal plant. This product is non-psychoactive but the energy that Cannabis carries with it is one that is receptive to intentions of the user.

There are common and reliable effects of cannabis but you also have the ability to finely tune your experiences, whether this is conscious or subconscious. When you use cannabis with intention, focus and meditation, it can amplify the effects in a positive manner.

Our intentions for this product are to help boost immune function, cellular health, mood regulation and overall well-being.

Take a moment prior to ingesting to confirm or modify your own intentions with this product.

Essential Oil Effects

Key compounds in Frankincense known as Boswellic Acids. Research studies on these compounds are increasing due to pre study results and ties to ancient and Ayurvedic medicine.

-Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil-

This variant of Frankincense is dominated by α-pinene and contains significant amounts of α-thujene and limonene terpenes. Some early studies suggest anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antibacterial, antiviral, stress-relieving, and antioxidant benefits.

-Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil-

This is the longest documented form of Frankincense and its uses are traced to Biblical times and Ayurvedic medicine. Frankincense Serrata contains a large amount of α-thujene terpene.

Early research suggests it to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, especially against arthritis. Other research suggests that this particular oil to have the highest activity of antimicrobials and can also help with gut inflammation.


Hemp Derived Broad Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Vegan Capsule, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) Essential Oil, Organic Frankincense (Boswellia Carteii) Essential Oil 

Lab Testing

Click here to see the current lab tests for this product