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2oz (56 g)


Outside the medieval town of Guérande, France, this unique salt is hand harvested in solar evaporation ponds by a collective of farmers. Salt has been harvested in this area for approximately 2,700 years but current marshes were carved out by monks from Landévennec Abbey in the year 945. The marsh ponds were thoughtfully designed after the monks studied the tides, wind and sun patterns for years. The salt is only harvested from June to September each year. The signature grey color is naturally formed as the salt contacts the clay bottoms of the pools. The salt also absorbs minerals from the clay which alkalizes the salt and mineralizes the taste. 


This salt is harvested at a point where it retains much of its natural moisture and briny flavor. It has a satisfying, smooth crunch and a unique mineral flavor profile. French Grey is world renowned as a highly adaptable, premium gourmet salt that is an essential in any salt selection.  It can easily replace traditional table salts but also works extraordinarily well in finishing gourmet meals and topping desserts.