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Our Guidance mist scent is a thoughtful fusion of Organic Clary Sage and Organic Lavender Essential Oils. Clary Sage is a middle note with an herbaceous and sweet, floral scent. Lavender is a floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous and slightly fruity note that also has slight notes of camphor.
Intentions For This Product

Infuse Guidance into your space + field. Feel the unconditionally loving presence of your guides, loved ones, angels, ancestors and higher intelligence. Pay atte4ntion to how the universe is guiding you.

Mist to expand, brighten, lift limitations and clear your energetic field.

Mist and affirm "I am always being divinely guided"

Essential Oil Information

-Clary Sage Essential Oil-

The name is derived from the Latin word ‘Claris’ for 'Clear', and by the Middle Ages it was known as ‘Oculus Christi,’ or the ‘Eye of Christ.’ During the sixteenth century, it was used in England as a replacement for Hops when brewing beer

During the Middle Ages the herb clary sage was highly regarded throughout Europe for its medicinal benefits and was used to relieve a wide range of gynecological conditions including menstrual cramps and associated menopause symptoms.

Aromatic Notes: a middle note with an herbaceous and sweet, floral scent.

Essential Oil Effects:

Boost self-esteem, hope, and mental strength; effective against depression and negative thoughts.

Topically it can reduce inflammation, antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. It also can help reduce nerve pain

- Lavender Essential Oil-

The entire plant is covered with oil glands, which are in the star-shaped hairs that cover the plant. Lavender has been used since ancient times, the Romans, Persians, Greeks, and Egyptians used it as a bath additive and perfume

Aromatic Notes: a floral, fresh, sweet, herbaceous and slightly fruity note that also has slight notes of camphor.

Essential Oil Effects: Lavender has demonstrated the best pharmacological profile that mimics anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) medications. Early clinical trials have shown Lavender extracts have been effective at influencing areas of the brain that help regulate mood and contribute to feelings of calmness. It also has been shown to increase the quality and efficiency of sleep.

Crystal Information

Our Guidance Mist is is paired with microcrystals of Labradorite and Howlite. Each stone carries a different energy, some have historical symbolism, energetic intentions and are thought to carry certain effects. We clear and amplify set intentions on all stones for the highest good.


Peace, compassion, patience,
calming, heightened self-awareness and perception

Howlite is a borate mineral found in sedimentary rock. It was first discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How, a Canadian chemist, mineralogist and geologist.


Transformation , enhance abilities, connect with
higher self/source, empowerment, spiritual growth, and inner worth. Guidance and self-discovery.

Labradorite originates from Canada and has roots to ancestral Inuits. Many tribes called this stone "fire rock" and said is has supernatural properties. The Inuit have great belief in their ancestor's spirits, and many believe they dance within the Northern Lights. The lore of Labradorite involves an Inuit warrior on a journey to find the Northern Lights which had temporarily disappeared from the sky. He walked for miles and miles until he came across some rocks on the shoreline of Labrador. Inside these rocks he saw the vibrant colors and reflections, so he cracked open the rock with a spear to release them.