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2oz (56 g)


Our Balinese Hollow Salt Pyramids are hand harvested on the pristine beaches of Bali by a collective of salt farmers. The seawater is filtered through the beach sand then solar evaporated over long periods to form the unique pyramid shape; showing the natural Divine order of the earth. This is a particularly unique and exotic salt due to the shape and the length of time it takes to create it. These salts are carefully monitored during the evaporation process which is extended as the crystals form layers and tiered structures. It takes at least several months up to over a year to create these beautiful salts.  


This salt is particularly well suited as a finishing salt due to its larger size and shape. The crunch and texture are unparalleled due to the fact it is a larger hollow crystal. Best suited for finishing/topping steaks, seafood, vegetables and desserts. Due to the larger size it offers the unique ability to partially melt while still retaining a significant amount of crunch. The crystals can also be crushed by the fingers to create a finer and varied texture.