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What Are The Different Types of CBD?

What Are The Different Types of CBD?

There are many active compounds in the Cannabis Plant and a very wide range of combinations of these compounds that can be used for therapeutic purposes. The whole Cannabis Plant is a mixture of Cannabinoids, healthy plant fats, terpenes, and other natural compounds.

As it pertains to CBD, there are 3 main types of CBD that are widely accepted and used here at Fusion Wellness. In order to help you choose the products that are most right for you, we wanted to provide an overview of these types of CBD and their features. 


CBD Isolate 

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD, it contains no other compounds of the Cannabis Plant and is typically over 98% pure CBD. This most typically is created by extraction and processing the plant matter then separating all other compounds, isolating purely the CBD Cannabinoid. In Isolate products, there is absolutely no THC or other compounds of the Cannabis Plant. CBD Isolate serves as a great way for people to start out with CBD and familiarize themselves with the therapeutic benefits of CBD. It is also a guaranteed way of getting pure CBD and not any other compounds of the plant which some individuals may prefer.


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is another type of CBD. The main component of this oil is still the CBD Cannabinoid but it differs from CBD Isolate in that there are other plant components and Cannabinoids in it. Broad Spectrum Oil is still a THC free product and is non-psychoactive. Typically a mix of other Cannabinoids, healthy fatty acids and some terpenes are in most Broad Spectrum Oils. A significant benefit which is currently being heavily studied is "the entourage effect". Due to the inclusion of the other Cannabinoids and plant compounds, there are a wide range of therapeutic benefits for each of these compounds. When combined together in one extract/product these effects can synergistically work together to create compounded benefits. 


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Lastly there is Full Spectrum CBD OIl, which has all of the same properties as Broad Spectrum with the exception that it contains trace amounts of THC. In order to be within the current legal limits and to not be considered Marijuana, all Full Spectrum CBD Oil must have less than 0.3% THC. While this type of oil contains THC, the amounts present are at levels that are still non-psychoactive even for sensitive individuals. Currently we only use Full Spectrum CBD Oil in our Soothe Cream for topical application. THC has some additional entourage benefits along with the other Cannabinoids and is a great therapeutic. For those who are concerned about "getting high" or having any THC in their bloodstream, it is important to note that THC cannot penetrate deep enough through the skin to enter the bloodstream and therefore there is no chance of this happening.