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Why Aren't All Your Essential Oils Organic?

Why Aren't All Your Essential Oils Organic?

At Fusion Wellness we do our best to source the absolute best and highest quality materials for our products. We take our job as facilitators seriously and believe everyone deserves products they can feel good about physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Almost all our ingredients are Organic with a few exceptions. Most are USDA Certified Organic while some of our import materials are EcoCert Organic Certified.  While the agencies certifying are different, the standards and practices required to obtain these certifications are very similar which include but are not limited to:

  • environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health.

  • responsible use of natural resources and respect of biodiversity

  • absence of petrochemicals, chemical and synthetic ingredients

  • absence of GMO

  • recyclable packaging

  • climate and environment protection

  • conservation of soil fertility

  • respect of natural cycles and animal welfare

  • absence of use of chemical and synthetic products

  • transparent labelling for consumers


A small number of ingredients in our products are not Certified Organic by an agency but may either be Organic in standards/practices or at the very least sustainably produced. Many of our ingredients are globally sourced and certain producers of ingredients may not have the funds or access to these major certifying agencies. In certain cases, we feel that fair-trade relationships with small businesses, collective farmers, and sustainable practices are superior to having an official certification. Many of these producers grow/harvest/process their ingredients in ways that meet all of the criteria above so you can feel confident that all our ingredients are from the purest intentions. It is our mission to help other small businesses, collectives and groups around the world to commit to fair-trade, sustainability and the highest good for earth.