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6oz (170 g)

Our Jungle Wildflower Honey is harvested in Bali, Indonesia by a collective of family farmers that work the local land. Bees freely roam the tropical terrain, beaches and jungles seeking the sweet nectar from the wide variety of flora in the area. Our honey is sustainably and ethically sourced as well as fair-trade; we work directly with the collective farmers.


We specifically chose to bring this product to you in the raw, unfiltered and unheated format as nature intended with absolutely no added ingredients. Heat treating can damage or remove many of the naturally balanced aspects of this amazing food. Raw honey contains a variety of beneficial antioxidants, micronutrients, antibacterial, antifungal properties and phytonutrients.  


Due to the natural processes and ingredients, each honey jar typically has some crystallized golden nuggets. If you prefer a uniform honey, you can heat it slowly and it will dissolve the crystals leaving a uniform appearance.